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This is a sample of landing page. The blog categories below were inserted using a macro (insertblockbyposition) inside the page instead of defined in home.template.php to demonstrate the use of macros



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About Us

This is a sample of landing page. The application can be accessed from Applications » landing. It is a new core plugin introduced since version 2.1.0 that provides user an option to build a single page website.

You can set it back to pre-2.1.0 style by performing the following steps:

  • Go to the backend administration welcome page
  • Click Global System Configuration
  • Choose Web Pages from the Main application for the frontpage drop down list.

In Landing Pages, each page collection (category) will be viewed as a single page and its child pages (items) will be shown sorted by the Sort Order field.

When you first install SCHLIX CMS with the "sample data" option turned on, the default theme will be set to samplemagazine. Try changing it to html5demo from Settings » Site Themes and see the difference in its layout.

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Sample Website


This is a demo of SCHLIX CMS theme

This theme is recommended as a starter for personal blog, photography portfolio, etc. If you need to add more (e.g. gallery, comment, rating, etc, head to the Extensions Directory and download one).


This theme is responsive and mobile-friendly, compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux.


You can customize it further by editing the view template files.

Looks awesome

Colour schemes in this theme: #eef0f2, #c6c7c4, #846a6a, #353b3c

Three blogging views

Inside /{theme-name}/apps/blog directory, look for the different view.main theme files. Replace the view.main.template.php file with any of those and see the changes in Blog


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George Gryglewicz

Company Inc., Project Manager


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Bob Belousov

Company Inc., Web Designer


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Lorraine Liu

Company Inc., Web Developer


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Anja Andersen

Company Inc., Software Tester


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Andrei Bergstein

The famous socialite / photographer / web designer